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With the enhancement of public safety awareness, fire robotsExplosion proof inspection robotThe application of special robots represented by. Special robots have frequently appeared in fire drills across the country, and various regions have introduced relevant policies to promote special robots in high-risk industries“Machine replacement”Policy. Among them, new explosion-proof inspection robots are gradually being promoted in industries such as petrochemicals.

Inspection robotEquipped with a series of sensors, it can replace inspectors to enterFlammable and explosiveConducting on-site inspections and detection of toxic, oxygen deficient, and thick smoke can effectively solve the problems faced by inspection personnel in the above-mentioned places, such as personal safety and insufficient collection of on-site data information.

As an explosion-proof unit, the inspection robot meets the requirements of explosion-proof standards before entering this type of place and obtainsExplosion proof certificationQualification.

stayZhongnuo TestingProcedure for applying for explosion-proof certification of inspection robots:

1. Provide effective inspection robots for relevant live partsExplosion proof certificateOr testing report,

2. The explosion-proof sign of the inspection robot is a combination of explosion-proof signs for each component.

3. Large inspection robots can adopt on-site evaluation and evidence collection methods

4Zhongnuo TestingCan provideExplosion proof designTechnical support for explosion-proof rectification

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