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Procedure for applying for explosion-proof certificate of electronic password lock

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With the improvement and progress of security technology, the application of various electronic password locks is becoming increasingly widespread.

Electronic locks, also known as the 51 seriessinglechip(AT89051) as the core, equipped withComplete the functions of password setting, storage, recognition and display, driving electromagnetic actuators and detecting their driving current values, receiving alarm signals from sensors, and sending data through corresponding hardware circuits.

How can electronic locks used in various explosive hazardous areas such as oil tankers and chemical workshops obtain explosion-proof qualification certificates?

How to apply for an explosion-proof certificate for electronic password locks?

1. Provide information and samples toZhongnuo Testing

1)Product information: product drawings, electrical schematics, final assembly drawings, structural diagramsBOMTables, etc

2)Technical information: Enterprise standards and product manuals that meet explosion-proof requirements

3)Sample: Quantity2-3individual


2. Procedure for applying for explosion-proof certificate at Zhongnuo Testing

1)Customer requests explosion-proof certification

2)Related toZhongnuo TestingReaching cooperation intention and signing certification contract

3)CustomersZhongnuo TestingProvide required product information, technical data, and samples

4)Laboratory arrangement testing

5)Provide a testing report

6)Certificate issuance


3. Cost and cycle

The certification fee and period are related to the corresponding explosion-proof type and explosion-proof level, and the specific fee and period need to be provided with product informationZhongnuo TestingFurther evaluation.

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