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Common explosion-proof and intrinsic safety product explosion-proof technical requirements

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Due to its special type, many explosion-proof electrical products are not a single explosion-proof type, but a combination of two or more explosion-proof types. Like lighting fixtures, there are explosion-proof, increased safety, and poured sealing types; For explosion-proof and intrinsically safe products, common ones include network base stations and signal collectors,Explosion proofAlso, it includes intrinsic safety power sources (which are commonly used in coal mines).

Base station products come with many communication interfaces, such asRJ45,RS232,RS485Wait, there are still some that come withPOEFor interfaces, there is a risk of excessive energy when using them. Therefore, when considering pure intrinsic safety, isolation measures should be taken, such as adding safety barriers, which will have a certain impact on product performance. So we can consider using an explosion-proof shell for protection, with all communication interfaces inside the shell and signal lines passing through itZhongnuo TestingThe explosion-proof introduction device is led out and connected to the gateway or collection device located in a safe area. But with an explosion-proof shell, wireless signals cannot be transmitted, and by placing the antenna externally and making it cost-effective, this problem can be effectively avoided.

For power supply products, such as explosion-proof power supplies, an explosion-proof box is added outside the power supply to mainly supply power to explosion-proof equipment. Intrinsically safe power sources ensure that the electrical sparks and thermal effects generated by the output circuit under normal operation or specified fault conditions cannot ignite, usually providing power to intrinsically safe equipment. Explosion proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof power supply has the characteristics of both types, and meets the requirements of both explosion-proof power supply and intrinsically safe power supplyZhongnuo TestingA type of power supply that meets the requirements of explosion-proof power supply, widely used in hazardous areas such as mines containing flammable and explosive substances, to provide stable power supply for equipment in these areasSource.

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