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How much does it cost to obtain an ATEX explosion-proof certification?

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| 2020-07-08|Return

How much does it cost to obtain an ATEX explosion-proof certification? This issue is also a concern for many enterprises because they need to consider the cost of the product. Next, Zhongnuo Testing will explain to you how ATEX explosion-proof certification is charged?

According to EU regulations, ATEX certification fees mainly depend on the customer's product usage environment and purpose, as it is necessary to determine the explosion-proof type of the product. The explosion-proof types include explosion-proof, intrinsic safety explosion-proof, rubber sealing, sand filling, etc. The fees for different types naturally vary. The cost of a single explosion-proof type is relatively cheaper, while the cost of combining multiple explosion-proof types will be higher. The specific cost and cycle can only be determined based on the product structure.


So before enterprises need to understand the ATEX certification fees, please provide detailed product drawings and pictures. Our company will have a professional technical team to evaluate the explosion-proof type and provide reasonable fees.

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