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Why do products need explosion-proof certification?

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Explosion proof certificationIt refers to the use of equipment to determine compliance with explosion-proof standards, requiring type testing to issue relevant certificates of conformity, mainly targeting Ex equipment or Ex components. Most explosion-proof products refer to explosion-proof electrical products: electrical products or components with explosion-proof functions that are used in gas or dust environments where explosions may occur and will not cause ignition in the surrounding explosive environment under specified conditions.


The safety of explosion-proof equipment is closely related to safety production, so many countries implement explosion-proof certification systems for explosion-proof electrical products, and explosion-proof products must obtainExplosion proof certificationExplosion proof certification is essential for ensuring the safety of explosion-proof electrical products in flammable and explosive hazardous areas.


Through explosion-proof certification, product exports can be promoted, and the credibility and popularity of enterprises and products can be improved, increasing market competitiveness. Enterprises that require certification can obtain national explosion-proof testing certification in China,Zhongnuo TestingWith over a decade of experience in explosion-proof testing and certification, we can provide one-stop explosion-proof technology solutions that are more professional and convenient.


applicationExplosion proof certificateThe required inspection materials include:

1. Business license and application authorization letter

2. Technical information, including enterprise standards, technical requirements, product drawings, user manuals, process documents, and other materials;

3. Samples

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