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What are the modes of ATEX certification?

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ATEX certification is the explosion-proof directive of the European Union CE certification. The old directive was (94/9/EC), and the new ATEX directive 2014/34/EU.

The scope of equipment applicable to ATEX certification is particularly wide, including equipment suitable for fixed offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, flour mills, and other potentially explosive environments.

There are several certification modes for the ATEX explosion-proof certification directive:  

(1) Mode A: Internal production control.

(2) Mode B: EC type inspection. Document review product testing

(3) C mode: The type meets the requirements. A way of quality assurance, annual sample sampling

(4) D mode: Explosion proof system certification. Factory explosion-proof system audit, annual audit, EN ISO-IEC 80079-34-2011 (EN 13980)

(5) E-mode: Product quality assurance system. Factory explosion-proof system audit, annual audit, EN ISO-IEC 80079-34-2011 (EN 13980)

(6) F-mode: Product validation. One way of quality assurance is to verify each batch of goods before export

(7) G mode: Unit authentication. Single batch certification for a certain product


There are two certification modes for Class 1 products, B D and B F. B is type testing, D is explosion-proof system, and F is product verification. Choosing F, the certification agency needs to come to the factory to inspect each product, which is exported for a long time and incurs high costs. Therefore, choosing an explosion-proof system is relatively reasonable.

For the mode selection of Class 2 products, it is recommended to choose B C if the exported product is one type (possibly multiple models), and B E if multiple products are exported.


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