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The necessity of safety inspection for explosion-proof electrical equipment

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For a long time, China's national standards related to explosion-proof electrical safety mainly include the basic explosion-proof electrical standard GB 3836 series, manufacturing and inspection standards, and explosion-proof electrical product standards. The implementation entities of these standards are product manufacturing enterprises and explosion-proof electrical product quality inspection institutions. However, whether explosion-proof electrical products can ensure explosion-proof safety when used in hazardous areas depends not only on the design, manufacturing, and inspection departments providing products with high explosion-proof safety, but also on the safe use of product user departments. No matter how good the performance and quality of explosion-proof electrical products are, if used improperly, they not only fail to play an explosion-proof role, but may even become a terrible killer that endangers safety. Many painful explosion accidents have proven this point. For example, the rubber sealing ring in the cable entry device of explosion-proof electrical products is an important part to maintain the explosion-proof performance of the product. This part is often overlooked in use and cannot be selected, installed, and maintained correctly. If some users do not tighten it after maintenance, some choose sealing ring sizes and materials that do not meet the standard requirements, and some simply do not install the sealing ring after maintenance. As a result, combustible gases in hazardous areas can enter the cavity of the junction box unobstructed. Once there is an arc spark at the connection of the wiring terminals inside the junction box, it may ignite flammable gases and cause an explosion. Examples of explosion accidents caused by unsafe use of explosion-proof electrical products account for a large proportion in the overall statistics of explosion accidents.

It can be seen that the safe use of explosion-proof electrical products and the manufacturing quality that reflects the safety performance of explosion-proof electrical products are equally important.

So, how to minimize the incorrect installation and use of explosion-proof electrical equipment—— Explosion proof on-site safety inspection

Explosion proof electrical equipment often experiences various problems of explosion-proof failure during long-term use. For example, corrosion damage to explosion-proof casings, damage caused by unreasonable installation, shell fracture damage caused by excessive temperature, and failure of protective casings caused by perforated wiring on explosion-proof casings......

Regular on-site inspections of explosion-proof electrical equipment in use are not only a requirement of the safety production department, but also a concern for the company's own life and property safety.

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