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Introduction to the Business Scope of Explosion proof Engineering

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In recent years, with the continuous development of society and the increasing prominence of safety accidents, people's awareness of safety production has also been constantly improving. It is urgent to address the environmental safety hazards of hazardous explosives.

In many industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, ports, coal, and national defense in our country, there may often be leaks or spills of various flammable and explosive gases, liquids, dust, and fibers in various processes of production, processing, transportation, and storage. After mixing with air, these substances may become mixtures with explosive hazards. When the concentration of the mixture reaches the explosive concentration range, once a fire source appears, it can cause serious accidents such as explosions and fires, and even chain explosions to form major accidents. Therefore, all types of equipment used in such hazardous environments must be explosion-proof products certified by professional organizations with explosion-proof performance. All equipment used in explosion-proof environments must be strictly installed and debugged by engineering companies with rich business operations in accordance with explosion-proof engineering construction specifications and acceptance standards before being put into actual production use. This can maximize the safety requirements of each link in the production process.  

Qualification for Explosion proof Engineering Construction

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Explosion proof engineering construction business service field

This includes hazardous areas with explosive gas environments and explosive or combustible dust environments in industries or fields such as petroleum, chemical, coal, military, aerospace, shipbuilding, ports, marine engineering, gas engineering, pharmaceuticals, machinery, textiles, electricity, light industry, grain processing and storage, wood processing, etc., ensuring the explosion-proof safety of hazardous and explosive areas and safeguarding the development of our country and national economy.

Scope of explosion-proof engineering construction business services

1. Explosion proof design and installation in hazardous and explosive locations

2. Explosion proof electrical safety assessment and renovation construction in hazardous and explosive locations

3. Quality inspection and safety acceptance inspection of explosion-proof engineering in hazardous and explosive places;

4. Other explosion-proof electrical and non electrical equipment, as well as explosion-proof engineering consulting/design/review/renovation/construction/supervision/acceptance;

5. Customized services for various explosion-proof technologies.

Standard basis for construction acceptance of explosion-proof engineering

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