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Pulse dust removal equipment

 Working principle:Pulse dust collector refers to the method of removing dust attached to the filter medium (bag or filter cartridge) by spraying compressed air; According to the size of the dust collector, there may be several sets of pulse valves controlled by a pulse controller or PLC. Each set of pulse valves is opened to remove the dust from the part of the bag or filter that it controls, while the other bags or filter cartridges work normally. After a period of time, the next set of pulse valves opens to clean the next part of the dust collector, which is composed of ash hopper, upper box, middle box, lower box, etc. The upper, middle, and lower boxes are divided into compartments. During work, dusty gases enter the ash hopper through the inlet duct, with coarse dust particles falling directly into the bottom of the ash hopper. Fine dust particles enter the middle and lower boxes with the airflow turning upwards. Dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the filtered gas enters the upper box to the net gas collection pipe - exhaust duct, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust fan. The dust removal process involves first cutting off the clean air outlet duct of the room, so that the cloth bags in the room are in a state where there is no airflow passing through (the air is cut off for dust removal in each room). Then open the pulse valve and use compressed air for pulse spraying to clean the dust. The closing time of the cut-off valve is sufficient to ensure that the dust peeled off from the filter bag settles into the ash hopper after spraying, avoiding the phenomenon of dust adhering to the adjacent filter bag surface with the airflow after leaving the filter bag surface, making the filter bag clean thoroughly. The exhaust valve, pulse valve, and ash discharge valve are fully automatically controlled by a programmable controller. Dust containing gas enters through the air inlet, and when passing through the ash hopper, some large particles of dust in the gas are separated by inertial force and gravity, and directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper. Dust containing gas enters the filter bag filtration area of the middle box after passing through the ash hopper. The gas passes through the filter bag and the dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth and is then discharged through the air outlet

Applicable occasions:Suitable for use in polishing workshops, wood product workshops, hardware workshops, polishing workshops, etc.

Advantages:The processing air volume is large, the dust removal effect is good, the degree of automation is high, the structure is simple, the appearance is beautiful, easy to control, energy-saving and energy-saving, and the performance is stable.

Cyclone dust removal equipment

 Applicable location:Used in woodworking workshops, furniture production, hardware product workshops, toy workshops, cutting workshops, and other places.

Advantages:There are no moving parts inside the equipment, which is easy to maintain, small in size, and simple in structure.

Wet dust removal equipment

 Applicable scope:Various industrial dust, organic odor dust, acid and alkali waste gas purification and absorption, chemical and pharmaceutical, food processing, metallurgy, casting, organic materials, etc.

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