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The types and scope of application of explosion-proof certificates

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Types of explosion-proof certificates
includeExplosion proof certificates for electrical equipment such as explosion-proof type (d), increased safety type (e), intrinsic safety type (i), positive pressure type (p), n type (n), oil filled type (o), sand filled type (q), and sealed type (m). Our company has deep cooperation with national explosion-proof laboratories, with fast certification and affordable prices, to help customers handle all explosion-proof related matters from product design to market sales. Our services cover petroleum, chemical, coal mining, metallurgy, transportation Various fields such as military industry, welcome to call and discuss in detail.

Scope of application for explosion-proof certification

The new implementation rules are divided into 17 product units:
1. Explosion proof motor: Center height ≤ 160mm, or rated power ≤ 15kW; Explosion proof motor: 160mm<Center height ≤ 280mm or 15kW<rated power ≤ 100kW; Explosion proof motor: 280mm<Center height ≤ 500mm or 100kW<rated power ≤ 500kW; Explosion proof motor: Center height>500mm or rated power>500kW.
2. Explosion proof electric pumps
3. Explosion proof distribution devices, explosion-proof switches, control and protection products
5. Explosion proof starters
6. Explosion proof transformers
7. Explosion proof electric actuators and solenoid valves
8. Explosion proof plug-in device
9. Explosion proof monitoring products
10. Explosion proof communication and signaling devices
11. Explosion proof air conditioning and ventilation equipment
12. Explosion proof electric heating products
13. Explosion proof accessories and Ex components

14. Explosion proof instruments and meters

15. Explosion proof sensor
16. Safety barriers
17. Explosion proof instrument box category

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