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What are the types of explosion-proof certification for explosion-proof cameras?

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The application of explosion-proof cameras in explosive hazardous areas

Explosion proof cameras are mainly used in hazardous areas with flammable and explosive materials. The country has a clear definition of the explosion-proof level for various types of hazardous areas, which refers to areas that pose a fire or explosion risk due to the presence of flammable and explosive gases, vapors, liquids, combustible dust, or combustible fibers. Typical hazardous locations, such as the environment formed during the production, processing, and storage of explosive substances in the petrochemical industry, and underground coal minesThe working environment formed by the continuous infiltration of methane gas in coal seamsWait.


Explosion proof camera and regular cameraThe difference between cameras

Explosion proof camera and regular cameraThe difference between cameras lies in: firstly, distinguishing them based on their functions and applicable locations; Secondly, distinguish between the two based on their definitions. Explosion proof cameras have no fundamental difference in photoelectric structure compared to ordinary industrial cameras. Its most important feature is the use of one or moreexplosion-proofProcess industrial cameras to enable monitoring in flammable and explosive on-site environments.


What explosion-proof type is suitable for explosion-proof cameras?

There are currently three types of explosion-proof cameras on the market: intrinsic safety, positive pressure, and explosion-proof.


Intrinsic safety typeStarting from limiting the energy in the circuit, the camera uses reliable control circuit parameters to reduce the potential spark energy below the specified ignition energy of the gas mixture. The surface heating temperature of the wires and components is limited to the ignition temperature of the specified gas mixture. All circuits inside the camera are operated under standard specified conditionsIncluding normal operation and specified fault conditionsUnder this condition, any electrical sparks or thermal effects generated cannot ignite the intrinsically safe circuits specified for explosive gas environments. Intrinsically safe cameras are relatively expensive and are rarely seen in the market today.

Positive pressure typeExplosion proof type is to maintain continuous air or fill the camera with inert gas to limit the entry of flammable mixtures into the camera through the casing.


Explosion proof typeExplosion proof cameras are the mainstream in the current market. Its working principle is to useExplosion proofSparks or arcs generated by electricity or other electrical activities inside the shell. Therefore, even if the outside is filled with flammable and explosive gases, it will not cause an explosion. Such cameras can play a monitoring role in flammable and explosive environments, ensuring human safety.


Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional explosion-proof testing and certification organization, can provide installation, maintenance, rectification, testing and certification services for different types of explosion-proof cameras, and can develop personalized explosion-proof certification solutions. Especially after the explosion-proof camera is included in the national mandatory product certification category, Zhongnuo Testing can provide an explosion-proof qualification certificate to convert it to explosion-proof3CCertification or new application for explosion-proof3COne stop authentication service to solve customers' practical problems.

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