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The content and significance of the explosion-proof certification nameplate

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A nameplate, also known as a label, generally refers to a label that is fixed on the product after it is put into the market and provides users with information such as manufacturer trademark identification, brand differentiation, and product parameter memorization.

The nameplate is mainly used to record some technical data of the manufacturer and rated operating conditions, for correct use without damaging the equipment.

There are two types of materials for making nameplates: metallic and non-metallic. Metallic materials include zinc alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. However, aluminum is mainly used for production because the processed nameplates have a relatively high-end effect, are durable, and do not rust. Non metallic materials include plastics, acrylic organic boardsPVCPC, paper, etc.

For explosion-proof electrical products and equipment used in explosive hazardous areas, their nameplates not only contain information about general products, but also require special requirements for explosion-proof technology.

Specifically, what content does the nameplate of explosion-proof electrical equipment contain?

1. The nameplate of explosion-proof products must be complete and clear, and there should be no missing strokes. The edge of the nameplate is flat without any warping;

2. The nameplate must include product name, model, electrical parameters, explosion-proof parameters (intrinsic safety parameters), explosion-proof mark, explosion-proof certificate number, factory date, factory certificate number, and manufacturer information;

3. Necessary warning information should be provided on the nameplate, such asIt is strictly prohibited to open the lid with electricityCharging and discharging are not allowed in explosion-proof areasWait.

The following are common styles of explosion-proof nameplates:


The necessity of having the following information on the nameplate of explosion-proof products

1. Explosion proof signs. It can enable users and installation personnel to quickly understand the explosion-proof type and corresponding gas of this explosion-proof product/Dust and temperature groups. So as to avoid installing gas explosion-proof products in dusty areas,"N"Type product installation to1Explosion proof areas in the area, etc. Ensure that explosion-proof products match hazardous areas in terms of selection.

2Explosion proof certificateNumber. It can reflect whether the explosion-proof certificate of the product is true and valid, and avoid selecting counterfeit and inferior products, even non explosion-proof products.

3. Factory date. Can quickly determine the product's lifespan, from explosion-proofZhongnuo TestingLife cycle assessment to determine if a new batch of products needs to be replaced. To avoid the failure of explosion-proof performance due to long-term use. If the screws of the explosion-proof shell are rusted or missing, the explosion-proof surface is severely corroded, and the sealing ring is aging and cannot achieve the sealing effect.

4. Warning message. It can help maintenance and use personnel avoid the risk of damage to explosion-proof equipment and even explosion in the surrounding environment due to improper operation.

In summary, the explosion-proof product nameplate is a very important label. Incomplete or incorrect information can cause unnecessary inconvenience to the use site and personnel.

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