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Analysis of Explosion proof Certification Technology for Fuel Dispensers

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In the explosion-proof certification technology, the application of explosion-proof technology in various oil and gas places is quite extensive, especially in various fuel dispensers, fuel guns, fuel trucks, and refueling places. belowZhongnuo TestingLet's briefly introduce the explosion-proof certification technology of fuel dispensers.

A fuel dispenser is generally a complete device for measuring the volume of liquid, consisting of a fuel pump, an oil gas separator, a measuring converter, a counter, an indicating device, an oil sight, an oil gun, and other main components.

Common fuel dispensers can be divided into two parts based on electrical and non electrical components:

The electrical part mainly includes:Power and control board, computer control motherboard, keyboard, display board, metering sensor, motor, solenoid valve, oil gun switch, and lighting fixtures, etc.

The non electrical parts mainly include:Oil pump, oil gas separator, flow meter, sight gauge, oil gun, casing, and oil delivery pipe, etc.

The explosion-proof electrical equipment of fuel dispensers mainly includes intrinsic safety equipment and intrinsic safety equipmentAssociated devicesExplosion proof electrical equipment, sealed electrical equipment, andIncreased safety typeElectrical equipment.

As an explosion-proof system,Zhongnuo TestingFuel dispensers should undergo comprehensive explosion-proof inspections on relevant explosion-proof electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, wiring, and their interconnections, and obtainWhole machine explosion-proofA certificate of conformity is necessary to ensure the overall safety of the fuel dispenser. This requires all explosion-proof components to undergo separate explosion-proof design or treatment. Including data collectors, encoders, liquid level switches, etc. applied to fuel dispensers.

So the entire fuel dispenser is like a composite explosion-proof product that is assembled with many explosion-proof components and has multiple functions.

What are the characteristics of explosion-proof technology for composite explosion-proof fuel dispensers?

1Electrical equipment or components with composite explosion-proof type requirements, while also meeting the different requirements involvedExplosion proof typeThe standard requirements for.Explosion proof power box with explosion-proof performance and intrinsic safety related circuit performance,Should be strictly followedGB3836. 2andGB3836. 4Standard review and inspection,Achieve the corresponding explosion-proof level.

2The wiring of the entire machine should be inspected for intrinsic safety wiresOr cableCompared to non intrinsically safe conductorsOr cableSeparate arrangements should not be mixed.

3Intrinsically safe circuits located in the same enclosure or junction box as non intrinsically safe circuits should be marked with blue terminal blocks or marked with intrinsic safety markings near the terminals.

4The cables for introducing and leading out explosion-proof equipment should be solid core cables, and the outer diameter of the cables should beZhongnuo TestingMatch with the inner diameter of the sealing ring to ensure its compression and sealing. To prevent explosion through the gaps between the multi-core cable cores, the two ends of the cable must be strictly sealed. Check if there is a blind pad on the wired entry device.


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