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How to understand the difference between explosion-proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof?

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Intrinsic safety and explosion-proof

These are two different types of explosion-proof protection

Explosion proof is generally protected by an explosion-proof shell,Explosion proofThe shell should have sufficient thickness and strength, so that even if an explosion occurs inside the equipment, the flame will be extinguished due to the width, gap, and roughness of the junction surface of the explosion-proof shell, and it will not ignite the external hazardous environment; On the other hand, even if an explosion occurs in a hazardous area outside, the explosion-proof shell still has explosion-proof performance.

In general, the outer shell is both explosion-proof and anti explosive. The equipment will be relatively bulky.

Intrinsic safetyIntrinsic safety type refers to the device that achieves intrinsic safety by limiting circuit energy, etc. Intrinsic safety products have high requirements for the device's circuit and working power, and are generally suitable for handheld devices, low-power products, etc.

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