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Can inspection robots obtain explosion-proof certification? What are the requirements?

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Many customers and friends are asking if the inspection robot can do itExplosion proof certificate? According to what standards? What are the technical requirements, etc?

Whether the product needs to undergo explosion-proof certification depends on whether it is used in explosive gas or dust environments;

Can explosion-proof certification be obtained? It depends on the structure of the product to evaluate;

domesticExplosion proof certificationThe standard is the GB/T3836 series standard, and suitable explosion-proof protection types can be selected according to the product structure and usage environment;

As a widely used equipment in explosive places, inspection robots have greatly solved problems that personnel cannot solve.

Due to the explosive hazards in such places, equipment used on site must pass the testing and certification of relevant national qualification institutions and obtain corresponding explosion-proof certificates, which is what we call explosion-proof certification.

Inspection robots generally have functions such as photography, positioning, and alarm, and their components include various sensors, cameras, etc.

As a combination equipment, applying for explosion-proof certification requires that each electrical component must haveExplosion proof certificateThe explosion-proof level of electrical components must not be lower than the explosion-proof level requirement of this inspection robot, and then an overall explosion-proof certification evaluation should be conducted. So the explosion-proof signs for inspection robots are mostly composite.

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