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Can fiber optic temperature measurement products apply for explosion-proof certification? What are the technical requirements?

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| 2023-10-25|Return

Fiber optic temperature measurement products are mainly used for temperature measurement and monitoring through sensing optical fibers, which have advantages such as high accuracy, no electromagnetic interference, and real-time online monitoring. If this type of optical fiber is emitted into an explosive hazardous area, the possibility of explosion caused by light radiation should be considered, and explosion-proof certification should also be considered.

The execution standards for explosion-proof certification of fiber optic temperature measurement products are GB/T 3836.1 and GB/T 3836.22, mainly considering the product's circuit and the emission power of the laser generator.

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing has successfully obtained multiple explosion-proof certificates and coal safety certifications for customers in the field of fiber optic temperature measurement hosts, accumulating rich experience in certification. We can provide customers with consulting services such as explosion-proof product design rectification, drawing guidance, and certification. If you have certification needs in this area, remember to send us a private message!

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