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What qualifications are required for explosion-proof construction

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Explosion proof constructionWhat qualifications are required?

Of course, it is necessary. The qualification for repairing explosion-proof electrical equipment should actually be called "Qualification for Installation and Repair of Explosion proof Electrical Equipment",

Explosion proof electrical equipment mainly refers to electrical equipment used in hazardous and flammable and explosive places. Commonly used explosion-proof electrical equipmentZhongnuo TestingThe equipment is mainly divided into explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof transformers, explosion-proof switch equipment, and explosion-proof lighting fixtures. Electrical equipment used in explosive hazardous environments should be structurally designed to prevent ignition sources of explosive mixtures at the installation site due to the generation of cremation, arcs, or hazardous temperatures during use.

The conditions and process for obtaining the qualification certificate for installation, maintenance, and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment

1. Business license and personal ID card
2. No less than 3 people must pass the knowledge training on explosion-proof electrical, pass the assessment, and obtain personal trainingQualification certificate
3. Only on the basis of the above can one obtaincompanyQualification Certificate for Installation and Maintenance of Explosion proof Electrical Equipment
4. Exam standard: GB3836.15-2000- Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 15: Electrical Installation in Hazardous Areas (Excluding Coal Mines)

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