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Is there an explosion-proof certification body in China?

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Is there an explosion-proof certification body in China?

In recent years, with the increasingly strict supervision of explosion-proof electrical products by the country, electrical products applied to various hazardous and explosive places must obtain explosion-proof qualification certificates issued by third-party organizations with nationally recognized qualifications.


When it comes to explosion-proof certificates, the first thing that comes to mind for everyone isNanyangCQST. In the minds of most enterprises, it seems that only this institution can distributeExplosion proof certificate. In fact, there are many institutions in China that have certification qualifications and are widely recognized by enterprises, including but not limited to the following:

1CQSTNational Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion proof Electrical Products

2. Shanghai Coal Research Institute

3. National Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

4. GuangdongCQCExNational Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion proof Equipment

5. National Coal Mine Explosion proof Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

6. Jiamusi Explosion proof Station

There are still many, I won't list them one by one;


But why do everyone only know about NanyangCQSTWhat about it? Firstly, Nanyang Explosion proof Electrical Research Institute is one of the earliest enterprises in China to engage in the explosion-proof industry, and has participated in the drafting of national standards for explosion-proof electrical products in China, obtaining the largest national standardZhongnuo TestingThe strong technical support has gradually established a benchmark image in the explosion-proof industry in the minds of various enterprises; Secondly, the misleading nature of the internet and the unprofessional publication of false information on Baidu have misled a large number of enterprises.


It is undeniable that the earliest batch of explosion-proof certification enterprises developed, such as NanyangCQSTWait, there is indeed a first mover advantage in terms of technical strength and experience. But Nanyang is only one of the many accredited laboratories, let alone Nanyang, which has been restructured into an enterprise and is only listed as a qualified laboratoryZhongnuo TestingThe national explosion-proof brand carries out business operations in the market; Other laboratories, such as the National Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, also have a national prefixCNAS/CMA/CALWe have the qualifications and ability to issue explosion-proof certificates with equal effectiveness. In recent years, more than 5000 explosion-proof certificates have been issued.


With the reform of state-owned enterprises and public institutions, the state has gradually relaxed some monopolistic qualifications. In terms of explosion-proof qualifications, more enterprises with vitality, high efficiency, and high-quality services are also encouraged to join this industry. For example, the National Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is a explosion-proof qualification enterprise that has developed in the past decade. As a young and dynamic enterprise, the National Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has unlimited development prospects in the national explosion-proof industry and is constantly recognized by more and more enterprises, playing a crucial role in the explosion-proof industry.


For the applying enterprise, what kind of explosion-proof type should be applied for and what kind should be doneExplosion proof levelIn fact, it is the same in all qualified institutions. They are all institutions authorized by national qualification certification, with testing conditions that meet national standards, following the same standards, and conducting the same tests. Under the same conditions, choosing institutions with better services and more affordable prices has become an inevitable trend, which is also the most important reason why emerging explosion-proof qualification enterprises are becoming increasingly popular.

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