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How to apply for explosion-proof certification and how much does it cost

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Explosion proof certification refers to the use of equipment to determine compliance withExplosion proof standardThe work of conducting requirements, type tests, and applicable routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity. The certificate can be specific to Ex equipment or Ex components.

1、 Which places require explosion-proof products?

1. Automatic gas station

2. Refining and gas storage tanks

3. Chemical plant

4. Printing, papermaking, and textile factories

5. Aircraft refueling and hangar

6. Surface coating factory

7. Underground coal mine

8. Sewage treatment plant

9. Grain processing, storage, and processing (flour processing plant)

10. Wood processing plant

11. Sugar industry

12. Light metal processing, especially prone to metal dust and particles


2、 Classification of electrical equipment for explosive environments

Class I: Methane environment in coal mines

Class II: Plant gas environment

IIAThe representative gas is propane

IIBRepresentative gas is ethylene

IICThe representative gas is hydrogen gas

Class III: Dust environment

IIIAFlammable flying flocs

IIIBNon conductive dust

IIICConductive dust


3、 Electrical equipment protection level

1. Coal mines:EPL Ma,EPL Mb

2. Gas:EPL Ga,EPL Gb,EPL Gc,

3. Dust:EPL Da,EPL Db,EPL Dc


4、 Common explosion-proof types


5、 Correspondence between electrical equipment and application sites


6、 Temperature group


7、 Advantages of obtaining explosion-proof certificate at Zhongnuo Testing

ShenzhenZhongnuo TestingWith over ten years of experience in explosion-proof certification services, we provide staffing at a reasonable costExplosion proof certificationThe service of required enterprise standards and other related materials. We specialize in the design, research and development, renovation, and sample production of explosion-proof electrical products for factory use, mining use, marine use, and dust use. Our cooperation methods are flexible, and we can undertake overall design contracting or joint design with clients.

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