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Is the explosion-proof certificate and explosion-proof qualification certificate the same?

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Explosion proof certificate andExplosion proof certificateIs it the same?

I believe many corporate clients who consult explosion-proof certification will have this question.

hereZhongnuo TestingLet me give you a brief introduction.

Strictly speaking,Explosion proof certificate and explosion-proof qualification certificate refer to the same meaning, both of which refer to certificates obtained after explosion-proof products have undergone relevant explosion-proof standard testing and certification.

But currently, the explosion-proof certificate is generallyIt refers to domesticExplosion proof certificate. Explosion proof certificate can refer to domestic explosion-proof qualification certificate, as well as various countriesExplosion proof certificate. For example, EU ATEX certificate, IECEx certificate, US explosion-proof certificate, Russian explosion-proof certificate, etc. can also be called explosion-proof certificate.

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