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Where can I apply for the ATEX certification certificate for pipeline robots?

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How to apply for ATEX certificate for pipeline robots?

Currently, only EU NB institutions are eligible to issue qualificationsATEXcertificate. Domestic enterprises can apply for ATEX certificates through domestic agencies.


1. Required documents for applying for ATEX certification

(1)ATEXauthenticationApplication form

(2) Business License

(3) Samples

(4) Product electrical schematic diagram, final assembly diagram, PCB diagram, structural diagram, component list and specification book, nameplate, etc.

(5) Enterprise standards, product manuals, etc. that meet the requirements of EN standards

(6) Other information


2. The process of ATEX certification

(1) Make a formal quotation based on product information, drawings, schematics, etc. provided by the customer

(2) Advance payment and preparation of samples

(3) Submit application online at the issuing authority

(4) The issuing authority has approved the application and assigned tasks to the laboratory for testing

(5) After the laboratory testing is completed, an English report will be issued and an on-site factory audit time will be arranged

(6) Audit the factory and issue an on-site audit report (under the premise of OK factory audit)

(7) Certification is usually issued within one week after the factory audit.

If you need to apply for ATEX certification for robots, please contact Zhongnuo Testing directly

Service hotline: 18924609560 (same WeChat account)


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