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How to check the authenticity of the explosion-proof certificate?

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When users purchase and choose explosion-proof electrical equipment, they will choose manufacturers or distributors with explosion-proof certificates. As consumers, how can users checkExplosion proof certificateIs it true and effective?


Currently, in ChinaExplosion proof certificateThere are more than ten certification agencies with nationally recognized qualifications, and the certification issued by each agencyExplosion proof certificateThere is no unified query platform. The explosion-proof certificates issued by various institutions can only be checked on the designated websites of their respective issuing institutions. Of course, every certification agency can check the authenticity of the certificate by phone.

If the certificate query is true, the main parameters and validity period of the certificate will be displayed below. If it is fake, of course, it cannot be found. It is worth noting that due to the manual uploading of certification certificates by various issuing agencies, there is a certain lag, which means that newly obtained certificates may not be available on their websites, so it is necessary to directly consult the issuing agency by phone.


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