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Classification of explosion-proof lamps and their application in explosion-proof certification technology

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With the rapid development of industries such as petroleum, chemical, and mining, the use of lighting fixtures in production, storage, and rescue is becoming increasingly widespread, with more and more varieties. How to prevent accidental explosions of lighting fixtures in explosive gas hazardous areas has become a very important issue. Due to the inevitable generation of electric sparks or the formation of hot surfaces during the operation of lighting fixtures, once they come into contact with explosive gas mixtures in production or rescue sites, they can lead to explosion accidents, directly endangering national property and the safety of citizens. Therefore, as the most widely used lighting fixture, its explosion-proof technology has already attracted widespread attention and high attention from people.


Traditional explosion-proof lamps are usually produced by professional explosion-proof lamp manufacturers, mainly using explosion-proof technology. With the rapid development of new light sources such as LED, explosion-proof lamps using new light sources have begun to apply intrinsic safety, increased safety, n-type and other explosion-proof technologies, as well as a combination of various technologies. More and more ordinary lamp manufacturers are entering the field of explosion-proof lamp production.


As the name suggests, explosion-proof lamps refer to explosion-proof lamps used in explosive environments.


From a product perspective, explosion-proof lighting fixtures are divided into:

1. Mining explosion-proof lamps: explosion-proof lamps used underground in coal mines, belonging to Class I.

2. Non mining explosion-proof lighting fixtures.

(1) Used in non coal mine explosive gas environments, belonging to Class II.

(2) Used in non coal mine dust explosion environments, belonging to Class III.


Market access system for explosion-proof lamps in China

1. Mining explosion-proof lamps need to obtain the National Coal Mine Safety Mark Certificate, also known as the Coal Safety Certificate, due to their use in coal mines and non coal mine underground.

2. Non mining explosion-proof lamps are mainly used in non mining explosive gas environments and combustible dust environments, and require obtaining an explosion-proof qualification certificate.

3. On October 1, 2019, the State Administration for Market Regulation announced that some explosion-proof electrical products would be included in the national mandatory product certification catalog, and there were no explosion-proof lighting fixtures. This means that the current market access system for explosion-proof lighting fixtures in China only requires obtaining an explosion-proof certificate.

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