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What does the anti-corrosion grade WF1 for lighting fixtures mean?

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Anti corrosion refers to the use of various methods to protect metal items that are prone to corrosion, in order to extend their service life. Usually, physical, chemical, and electrochemical methods are used for corrosion prevention.

Lighting fixtures are our common anti-corrosion products. So, how is the anti-corrosion level of lighting fixtures classified? What does anti-corrosion grade WF1 mean?

The anti-corrosion level is classified into the following five levels based on indoor and outdoor conditions:


The anti-corrosion grade WF1 of the lamp indicates that it is suitable for outdoor medium corrosive environmental conditions.

The standard for implementing the anti-corrosion level of lighting fixtures is JB/T 9536-2013 "Technical Requirements for Indoor and Outdoor Anti corrosion Low Voltage Electrical Environment"

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