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The difference between anti-corrosion level, protection level, and explosion-proof level

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Many corporate customers are often confused about the anti-corrosion level, protection level, and explosion-proof level of their products. Since there is only a one word difference between names, and they all refer to certain aspects of the product's level, which are similar but different, what are the differences between them?

1、 Corrosion protection level

1. Anti corrosion refers to the use of various methods to protect metal items that are prone to corrosion, in order to extend their service life. Usually, physical, chemical, and electrochemical methods are used for corrosion prevention.

2. The anti-corrosion level is classified into the following five levels based on indoor and outdoor conditions:

For example, the anti-corrosion grade WF1 of the lighting fixture indicates that it is suitable for outdoor moderate corrosive environmental conditions.

3. The standard for implementing anti-corrosion level:


2、 Protection level

1. Protection level, code IP, abbreviation for Ingress Protection. The IP protection level system classifies the waterproof and dustproof characteristics of electrical appliances and packaging. At present, this system has been recognized by many countries.

2. The composition and meaning of protection level IP

The IP protection level is often composed of two digits to clarify the protection level.

The first X represents the dust level of the equipment, with the highest level being 6;

The second X represents the waterproof level of the equipment, with the highest level being 8.

(The larger the number, the higher the protection level)



Example: A display instrument labeled as IP65 indicates that the product can completely prevent dust from entering and can be rinsed with water without any harm.

3、 Explosion proof level

1. Explosion proof certification refers to the work of determining that equipment meets the requirements of explosion proof standards, conducting type tests and routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity. The explosion-proof certificate can be used for Ex equipment or Ex components.

2. Each electrical equipment applying for explosion-proof certification will have corresponding explosion-proof markings, including explosion-proof type and explosion-proof level. Explosion proof level refers to the applicable explosion-proof area, gas/dust group, temperature group, and equipment protection level of the product. Taking the explosion-proof certificate in the following figure as an example: the explosion-proof symbol is Ex d ib Ⅱ B T5 Gb, indicating that the product is a composite explosion-proof type (d ib: explosion-proof and intrinsic safety type); The explosion-proof level is d ib Ⅱ B T5 Gb, indicating suitability for Zone 1, Class B factory gas, temperature group T5, and protection level Gb.


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