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In two weeks, Zhongnuo Testing has obtained six explosion-proof certificates for customers at once!

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| 2019-12-04|Return

On July 23rd, Zhongnuo Testing successfully obtained explosion-proof certificates for 6 different products (5 intrinsic safety types and 1 intrinsic safety and explosion-proof type) for the customer in just two weeks through tripartite coordination with a technology company (hereinafter referred to as the "customer") and laboratory in Shenzhen, ensuring timely delivery and use of the customer's product.

When discussing certification with the customer, they repeatedly emphasized that these 6 products urgently need to obtain explosion-proof certificates and must be delivered for use within two weeks. After preliminary technical communication, Zhongnuo Testing has determined that the product can be certified on schedule. After the contract is signed, the engineers of Zhongnuo Testing Laboratory timely evaluate the technical data and work overtime to conduct testing and testing. The client also timely communicates with the technical team and modifies the data and drawings. Especially during the certification of intrinsic safety and explosion-proof types, Zhongnuo Testing actively searches for explosion-proof shells with explosion-proof certificates for customers through various resources, and timely solves their urgent needs.

The project took two weeks from signing the contract to obtaining the explosion-proof certificate, and was completed on time. Zhongnuo Testing has fulfilled its promise to customers with strong technical strength and efficient services, and timely solved problems for customers. This project is another successful case of Zhongnuo Testing's efficient, high-quality, and reliable services.

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