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Announcement of the State Administration for Market Regulation on the Implementation Requirements for the Management of Compulsory Product Certification of Explosion proof Electrical and Other Products from Production License

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| 2019-12-04|Return

According to the Decision of the State Council on Further Reducing the Catalogue of Industrial Product Production License Management and Simplifying the Approval Procedure (State Council [2018] No. 33), the State Administration for Market Regulation has decided to shift the management of explosion-proof electrical and other products from production license to mandatory product certification (CCC certification). To ensure the smooth implementation of CCC certification and smooth and orderly work connection, the relevant requirements are hereby announced as follows:


1、 Certification implementation date

Starting from October 1st, 2019,Explosion proof certificateExplosion proof electrical appliances, household gas appliances, and household refrigerators with a rated capacity of 500L or more (specific product scope and mandatory product certification implementation rules are detailed in the attachment) are included in the CCC certification management scope. Each designated certification agency (certification agency and laboratory designated work will be announced separately) begins to accept certification commissions; The market supervision bureaus (departments, committees) of various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (hereinafter referred to as provincial market supervision departments) shall stop accepting relevant production license applications, and the administrative licensing procedures shall be terminated in accordance with the law for those that have already been accepted.


Starting from October 1, 2020, the above products are not allowed to be manufactured, sold, imported, or used in other business activities without obtaining mandatory product certification certificates and labeling mandatory certification marks.


2、 Work requirements for designated certification bodies


The designated certification body shall formulate certification implementation rules in accordance with the requirements of the mandatory product certification general rules and corresponding product implementation rules, and complete the filing with the State Administration for Market Regulation (Certification and Supervision Department) before September 25, 2019.


3、 The connection between CCC certification and production license management


(1) Before October 1, 2020, the above products produced by domestic enterprises should be produced, sold, or used in other business activities with a valid production license or CCC certification.


(2) For enterprises that have obtained production licenses, if the above products are no longer produced after October 1, 2020 (inclusive), there is no need to apply for CCC certification; Otherwise, the certification commission should be submitted as soon as possible and CCC certification should be obtained before October 1, 2020.


(3) For the certification commission proposed by enterprises holding valid production licenses, the designated certification agency shall recognize the corresponding review and testing results, formulate relevant conversion plans (including differential testing items, supplementary factory inspections, etc.) and implement them. For products that meet the certification requirements, CCC certification certificates shall be issued, and the list of certified enterprises shall be notified to the provincial market supervision department where the enterprise is located. The certification and testing costs incurred during the certificate conversion process are generally borne by the government.


(4) Each provincial-level market supervision department shall promptly handle the cancellation procedures of production licenses based on the notification from certification agencies and the expiration of production licenses. On October 1, 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation cancelled all unconverted valid production licenses.


(5) For products produced during the validity period of the production license, they can continue to be sold in their original packaging (in compliance with the requirements of the production license) after October 1, 2020.

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