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The process and cost cycle for applying for EU ATEX certification

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1、 Required documents for applying for ATEX certification

1ATEXCertification application form (assisted by Zhongnuo Testing in filling out)

2. Copy of Business License

3. Samples (sample quantity determined by Zhongnuo Testing Laboratory)

4. Product electrical schematic diagram, final assembly diagram, PCB diagram, structural diagram, component list and specification book, nameplate, etc.

5. Enterprise standards and product manuals that comply with EU standards (Zhongnuo Testing can provide technical document consulting services)

6. Other information


2、 The process of ATEX certification

1. Zhongnuo Testing will provide a formal quotation based on the product information, drawings, schematic diagrams, etc. provided by the customer

2. Advance payment and preparation of samples

3. Submit application online at the issuing authority

4. The issuing authority has applied for approval and issued tasks to the designated laboratory of Zhongnuo Testing for testing

5. After the laboratory test is completed, an English report will be issued and an on-site audit time will be arranged. Generally, the audit time will be determined 3 days after the report is issued

6. Audit the factory and issue an on-site audit report (under the premise of OK factory audit)

7. Certification is usually issued within one week after the factory audit.


3、 ATEX certification cycle

The certification cycle is related to the information provided by the customer, the explosion-proof type, factory audit, etc. The specific cycle is subject to the actual situation.

1. Preparation of drawings and review cycle: 30-45 days

2. Formal testing cycle: Different explosion-proof types have different cycles

3. Reporting cycle: 14 days

4. On site review report cycle: 7-14 days


4、 The cost of ATEX certification

applicationATEXThe cost of certification includes testing fees, data review fees, factory audit fees, technical service fees, etc. The specific costs are subject to the actual expenses incurred.


5、 Notes on applying for ATEX certification

1. Information files must be provided in English

2. Enterprise standards, product manuals, etc. must comply with EU standard requirements

3. Any issues that arise during the factory audit process that require rectification must be completed within the specified date, otherwise the project will be closed

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