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Regarding the person responsible for explosion-proof authorization in the IECEx and ATEX certification systems

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At present, international IECEx certification and EU ATEX certification adopt a combination of product testing and factory production quality systemIECExandATEXauthenticationThere are clear requirements for the quality system of manufacturers in the explosion-proof standard EN ISO/IEC 80079-34. Below is a brief introduction to the specific requirements of the person responsible for explosion-proof authorization.

According to the requirements of the explosion-proof quality system EN ISO/IEC 80079-34, at least one explosion-proof authorized person must be appointed (if there are multiple production addresses, each address must have one explosion-proof authorized person). Among them, the responsibilities of the person authorized for explosion-proof include:

1. Effective coordination of activities related to products used in explosive environments.

2. Any changes proposed to the design specified in the EX certificate and technical documents need to be communicated with the agency responsible for issuing the EX certificate.

3. Any changes proposed to the quality system require liaison with the organization responsible for quality system inspection.

4. Authorization for preliminary approval and modification of relevant drawings when applicable.

5. Authorization for concession release.

6. Notify customers of any special conditions for safe use and any restricted directories.

7. Review the Ex certificate and technical documents, and mark any changes that affect the consistency between the product and the certificate.

8. Other responsibilities:

——Participate in management review

——Coordinate internal audits

——Participate in external training

——Organize training for explosion-proof personnel

——Second party audit of key explosion-proof suppliers

——Order Review

——Changes in products and services

The above responsibilities must be written in the authorization letter and used as part of the quality system document for the audit of the certification body.


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