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Process for obtaining certification of installation, maintenance, and repair capabilities for explosion-proof electrical equipment

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Explosion proof electrical equipmentsecuritypretendThe certification of maintenance and repair capabilities is currently the majority in ChinaExplosion proof electricalconstructionOne of the essential certificates for the organization. Below, Zhongnuo Testing will provide a brief explanation of the application process and requirements, for your reference only. If detailed information is neededhandleflowFor technical documentation, please contact Zhongnuo Testing directly.

Issuing authority:Nanyang Explosion proof Electrical Research Institute Co., Ltd./National Explosion proof Electrical Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center

Certificate query website:Www.china

Certificate validity period:After 3 years, the certificate needs to be reissued upon expiration.

Processing method:Based on the actual situation of the epidemic, a combination of online and offline training will be adopted

Processing requirements:To be processed in the name of the company, certificates include company certificates and personal certificates.

Training cycle:1 day

Data preparation:ISO9001 system, equipment list, equipment calibration certificate, operation manual, etc. (with 20-30 technical documents and materials, Zhongnuo Testing can provide samples and assist in writing)

Scope of application:Customers can choose one, two, or three of the three words of installation, maintenance, and repair according to their own needs. The scope of application chosen varies, the cost varies, and the required information also varies.

On site review:If it is offline training, the training teacher can conduct technical and on-site evaluations on site; Online training requires video review. If the review fails, the enterprise needs to make corrections. The specific review content can provide guidance for Nuo Testing.

Service advantages of Zhongnuo:Assist in the entire process, including technical document and data preparation assistance, on-site review guidance, process coordination, etc.

Certificate template:

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