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Introduction to Mining General Certificate of Conformity (KY Certification)

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01 KYCertification,The certification of general electrical equipment for mining refers to a safety certification for electrical equipment (excluding cables and wires) used in underground industrial production departments such as non gas and coal dust explosive hazardous areas in coal mines and non coal mine mountains.

02  Common products that apply for KY certification include:Electric control cabinets, motors, etc

03 Obtaining KY certificationElectrical equipment should have nameplates, warning signs, and permanent signs "KY" firmly installed in prominent positions of the equipment

The validity period of the 04 mining general qualification certificate is generally 5 years

05 Applicable standards: GB/T 12173-2008 General Electrical Equipment for Mining

Applying for KY certification does not require factory review, which is different from applying for MA/KA certification.

07 Required documents for applying for KY certification:

---Product manual

---Enterprise standards

---Product drawings (circuit diagram, PCB diagram, final assembly diagram, etc.)


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