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The 4th Dust Explosion Prevention Technology Seminar and Exhibition in 2019 Rekindled in Suzhou

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| 2019-12-05|Return

To conscientiously implement the various requirements of regulatory authorities on dust control, solve new problems encountered in industry development and regulatory processes, formulate practical and effective industry regulatory standards, solve new problems encountered in industry development, and promote the technological and academic development in the field of explosion-proof and dust removal; The 4th Suzhou Dust Explosion Prevention Technology Seminar and Exhibition, jointly organized by Suzhou Safety Production Management Association, Suzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association, and China Foundry Association, is scheduled to be held from June 26 to 28, 2019 at the Suzhou Radio and Television Exhibition Center.

At the same time, in order to meet the dual requirements of safety and environmental protection in the industrial and trade industry, we will supervise industrial and trade enterprises to improve their safety protection capabilities, emergency rescue of operators, and environmental protection and solid waste disposal levels in accordance with regulations. We plan to hold the 2019 Suzhou Solid Waste Treatment Seminar and Exhibition simultaneously.

This seminar will focus on interpreting the State Council's Order No. 708 "Emergency Regulations for Production Safety Accidents", GB15577 "Dust Explosion Prevention Safety Regulations", case analysis of dust explosion accidents, explosion-proof valve testing standards, explosion-proof electrical selection, maintenance and case analysis, development of spark detection and extinguishing systems, industrial hazardous waste treatment technology and management methods, risk identification of magnesium alloy die-casting, and interpretation of Vocs environmental protection laws and regulations, Display new products and technologies from domestic and foreign related industries.


After three years of development, the Suzhou Dust Explosion Prevention Technology Seminar and Exhibition has become a highly professional, large-scale, and highly attended dust explosion prevention industry event in China. It has formed a good linkage mechanism with the Suzhou Explosive Dust Expert Committee meeting, jointly solving new problems encountered in the industry development process, formulating a number of practical and effective industry regulatory standards, and promoting the technical and academic development of the explosion-proof and dust removal field.


The 2018 Suzhou Dust Explosion Prevention Technology Seminar and Exhibition will be held from June 28th to 30th at the Suzhou Radio and Television International Convention and Exhibition Center. Many well-known labor protection and dust explosion prevention enterprises and institutions from both domestic and foreign countries have participated in the exhibition, including MSA, Wuxi Huaxin, Industrial Statistics Environmental Protection, Diheng Environmental Protection, Chunran Environmental Protection, Yiergeng Environmental Protection, Kunshan New Environmental Protection, Changshu Kexun, Kelin Environmental Protection, AMANO, Huile Environmental Protection, Xinlan Electronics, GreCon, REMBE, CV Technology, STIF, Tuv Sud, Shanghai Juege, Shanghai Nokai, National Explosion proof Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong), and others. The exhibition area reaches 4000 square meters, with 5500 participants in the forum and 12000 visitors in 3 days



The organizing committee cordially invites representatives from emergency management departments, safety industry associations, aluminum magnesium dust enterprises, wood processing and furniture industry, textile industry, grain processing and storage and transportation industry, chemical industry, resin and plastic industry, papermaking industry, biopharmaceutical industry, pesticide industry, thermal power generation, steel, cement and other industries, and environmental protection industry to attend and visit the conference.

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