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With the rapid development of the national economy, the production scale of enterprises such as petroleum, chemical, grain, military, biology, shipbuilding, coal, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc. continues to expand. Preventing explosive accidents has received widespread attention from society. Multiple accidents such as dust explosions in Kunshan factories and explosions in Taiwan's Baxianleyuan have repeatedly sounded the alarm for safety production with life and blood. Long term practice has shown that comprehensive mastery of explosion-proof electrical theory and operational skills by personnel in the management, design, installation, use, and maintenance of explosion-proof electrical equipment is of great significance for ensuring the safety performance of explosion-proof electrical equipment and enterprise safety production. Improving the awareness of enterprise safety production, strengthening training on explosion-proof safety knowledge, improving the technical level of explosion-proof operators, starting from the facilities and personnel of explosion-proof sites, and effectively reducing the risk of explosion accidents have become increasingly important issues that cannot be ignored.

 Who needs explosion-proof training?

Employees in industries such as petroleum, chemical, food, military, biology, shipbuilding, coal, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc. who have hazardous and explosive gases and combustible dust in their work environments, are required to receive explosion-proof knowledge and technical training.

 The explosion-proof training provided by Zhongnuo Testing includes:

Explosion proof electrical knowledge training

◇ Training on explosion-proof electrical standards

    GB3836 series,

    GB12476 series,

     EN/IEC60079 series,

     EN/IEC61241 series,

     AQ3009, etc

◇ Various explosion-proof types and levels

Training on knowledge of explosion-proof signs

◇ Explosion proof electrical on-site inspection, installation

Training on maintenance, construction and renovation knowledge

◇ Training on other explosion-proof related technical knowledge

 The service advantages of Zhongnuo Testing

Zhongnuo Testing has a team of skilled and strong explosion-proof technical engineers and experts. They have rich industry experience in explosion-proof products and venues in various fields such as petroleum, chemical, grain, military, biology, shipbuilding, coal, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc. They have demonstrated their professional technical level and received unanimous praise from customers.

Zhongnuo's testing services cover domestic explosion-proof product testing and certification, ATEX&IECEx certification, and non electrical equipment explosion-proof certification. We have rich experience in the design, testing, certification, installation, and maintenance of various explosion-proof types. Not only can we provide the most professional and authoritative training services for various enterprises, but we can also provide a pass for domestic explosion-proof enterprise products to enter the domestic and international markets.

Zhongnuo Testing can provide customized training solutions for specific industries, combining industry characteristics and personalized customer needs to provide more professional and customized explosion-proof technology consulting and training plans, enabling users to quickly master relevant explosion-proof technology knowledge.

Reasonable price, high cost-effectiveness, high-quality service, truly solving practical problems for enterprises, and establishing long-term cooperative relationships.

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