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What does the explosion-proof symbol Ex db ib IIC T4 Gb mean?

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The explosion-proof sign can be said to be the ID card of an explosion-proof equipment. Through the explosion-proof sign, one can understand the explosion-proof type adopted by the equipment, the applicable explosive places and explosion-proof areas, and so on.

What is an explosion-proof sign?

What is the meaning of explosion-proof signs?

How to interpret the explosion-proof signs of explosion-proof equipment?

Regarding these issues, Zhongnuo Testing will give you a detailed explanation with examples.

For example, the explosion-proof symbol Ex db ib IIC T4 Gb,


This is a composite explosion-proof sign,

Ex indicates explosion-proof, and explosion-proof equipment needs to be stamped with the Ex mark;

DB ib refers to the explosion-proof protection type adopted by the equipment, which means both explosion-proof and intrinsic safety;

IIC refers to the type of IIC gas that the equipment is suitable for in explosive gas environments (representative gases are hydrogen and acetylene);

T4 is the temperature group, which refers to the maximum surface temperature of the equipment not exceeding 135 ° C;

Gb refers to the device protection level, applicable to Zone 1 and Zone 2.

The above example is a common explosion-proof symbol for the use of explosion-proof equipment in explosive gas environments; The explosion-proof signs for equipment used underground in coal mines or in combustible dust environments are different.

If it is the ATEX explosion-proof certification mark, it will be more complex.

If corporate customers need to know more about explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof logo information, they can message us privately at any time!

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