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The difference between explosion-proof certification and explosion-proof CCC certification for two types of explosion-proof product certification

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Since the announcement issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation in July 2019 regarding the implementation requirements of the mandatory product certification management for explosion-proof electrical and other products, it has been almost two years now. Many enterprises producing explosion-proof electrical products also have a certain understanding of the explosion-proof 3C certification system.

However, does the implementation of the explosion-proof 3C certification system replace the original explosion-proof qualification certificate?

The product still needs to enter the marketExplosion proof certificateIs it?

What qualifications do enterprises need to produce explosion-proof electrical products?


In fact, as long as you carefully read this announcement, you can understand that only some explosion-proof electrical products are included in the scope of national mandatory product certification (details can be found in the product catalog of explosion-proof electrical mandatory product certification). There are still most explosion-proof products in the market that are not included, such as common explosion-proof lamps, dust removal equipment, mechanical products, etc.The installation and use of explosion-proof equipment outside the product catalog in explosive places must strictly comply with the requirements of GB3836/GB12476/GB25286 series explosion-proof standards, and obtain corresponding explosion-proof qualification certificates.

The difference between explosion-proof certificate and explosion-proof CCC certification:

Explosion proof certificateAnd explosion-proofCCCAre certifications required for explosion-proof equipment? Do we need to obtain an explosion-proof certificateexplosion-proofCCCauthenticationMainly based on product categories.Simply put, it depends on whether your product is explosion-proof or notCCCWithin the certified product catalog, yes, explosion-proof measures must be takenCCCCertification; No, just get an explosion-proof certificate.

What are the requirements for enterprises to apply for explosion-proof qualification certificate and explosion-proof CCC certification?

This is mainly the difference between the two authentication modes. The explosion-proof certificate adopts a type test certification mode, while the explosion-proof CCC certification adopts a combination of type test factory review.Simply put, it means handlingExplosion proof certificateJust send samples for testing, and once the test is qualified, the certificate can be issued; Applying for explosion-proof CCC certification not only requires product testing to be qualified, but also requires a production quality system audit (commonly known as factory audit) of the production factory. For applying enterprises, obtaining explosion-proof CCC certification requires a production factory.

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