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What qualifications are required for the explosion-proof performance testing of electrical equipment in explosive hazardous environments?

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This also depends on whether it is on-site equipment testing or product testing,

The explosion-proof testing standards for the product are GB/T3836 and other series. According to different professional standards, different explosion-proof types are used. For example, GB/T3836.2 is an explosion-proof standard,GB/T3836.4 is a standard for intrinsic safety. If it is a composite explosion-proof sign, it must simultaneously meet the requirements of different specialized standards.

If the testing of equipment used in hazardous areas is in accordance with AQ3009-2007 "Electrical Safety and Explosion Protection Code for Hazardous Areas", the testing cycle shall not exceed 3 years.The execution standards are AQ3009/GB50058/GB15577, etc.

Zhongnuo Testing provides testing and certification for explosion-proof products, on-site explosion-proof testing in explosion-proof areas, and explosion-proof construction renovation services. With complete qualifications and professional services, please feel free to contact us for a quotation if needed!

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