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What are the standards for testing and certification of explosion-proof electrical equipment?

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First of all, it is necessary to distinguish whether the product needs to undergo certification or whether explosion-proof electrical testing is required in on-site locations.

On site explosion-proof electrical testing is carried out in accordance with the AO3009-2007 specification for electrical equipment in use, with regular testing conducted at least once every 3 years and a testing report issued. This is mainly aimed at the users of explosion-proof equipment.

Product testing certification generally refers to the process of conducting relevant tests on newly launched products in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 3836 series standards and obtaining explosion-proof certificates. This requires the provision of product design drawings, manuals, and other materials, usually targeting the manufacturer or supplier of the equipment.

Zhongnuo Testing has been focusing on explosion-proof testing and certification for many years, providing services such as product design, testing, certification, on-site testing, and construction renovation. We also provide customized explosion-proof technology and standard consulting services, and have a large number of cooperation cases. Please feel free to message us privately.

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