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Do intelligent safety helmets for coal mines require coal safety certification?

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Coal Mine Mark Certification (abbreviated asMAKACertification is a mandatory certification implemented by the National Coal Mine Safety Mark Office for underground coal mine supplies. All products listed in the safety certification catalog for mining products must obtain a certification certificate.No unit or individual is allowed to sell, purchase, or use safety signs included in the management directoryZhongnuo TestingMining products that have not obtained safety signs. Product manufacturing enterprises applying for safety signs need to go through several steps, including filling out the application form, conducting preliminary review and qualification registration, reviewing and issuing certificates.

Intelligent safety helmets are used in underground minesA common product that needs to be used underground in coal minesCoal safety certificationof.

If you need to further understand the coal safety certification and labor safety certification of smart helmets, please contact us directlyZhongnuo Testing.

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