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ATEX certification certificate validity issue

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Explosion proof certificate: a document used to determine whether the equipment meets the requirements of standards, type tests, and applicable routine tests. The certificate can be specific to Ex equipment or Ex components.

At present, the validity period of the domestic explosion-proof qualification certificate is 5 years from the date of issuance.

If the certificate expires, you can choose to renew or renew it.

When the validity period of a company's explosion-proof certificate is about to expire, the companyZhongnuo TestingA letter of application for certificate renewal should be provided within three months before and after the validity period, and the following documents should be brought to reapply for certificate renewal. In case of unexpected situations, timely notification should be givenZhongnuo TestingCenter. The application letter includes the product name, model, original explosion-proof grade, original explosion-proof qualification certificate number, and an explanation of whether the product has been changed. Enterprises should also send expired explosion-proof certificates and technical materials that have been submitted for inspection toZhongnuo TestingThe center will review again and provide samples for retesting.

Foreign explosion-proof certificates, such as ATEX and IECEx certificates, have no limited validity period. Because their evidence collection method adopts a type test method, which combines product certification with factory production quality system review, to ensure the validity of the certificate.

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