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Can communication cables undergo explosion-proof certification?

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Explosion proof certification is used to determine whether the equipment complies withExplosion proof standardThe work of conducting requirements, type tests, and applicable routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity. The certificate can be specific to Ex equipment or Ex components.

The equipment here includes:

(1) Equipment: refers to machines, instruments, fixed or mobile devices, control components, and instruments used in potentially explosive environments

(2) Protection system: refers to products used to prevent immediate explosion or limit the range of flame or pressure impact generated by the explosion

(3) Components: Explosion proof components without independent functions, their performance must be evaluated together with the explosion-proof equipment, such as explosion-proof enclosures, wiring terminals, etc.

Communication cables, as a general term for various wires used to transmit electrical and optical signals, do not belong to independent electrical equipment or mechanical equipment, and do not produce arcs or sparks in normal working conditions.

Even when used in explosive hazardous environments, there is no need toExplosion proof certificationof Usually, communication cables used in explosive hazardous environments only need to consider their surface resistance, static electricity, and other properties, and only need to provide performance test reports that meet relevant standard requirements.

However, if the communication cable is used underground in coal mines, it can be applied forCoal safety certificationof


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