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How to determine if dust is explosive? Process for Handling Dust Explosion Test Reports

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Why is it necessary to determine whether dust is explosive dust?

In industrial production, various types of dust are often generated, such as grinding, polishing, and welding dust from metal product factories, raw material dust from food processing factories, crushing dust from feed processing factories, and waste dust from various compound production. These dust particles exist in the production process, and if they are explosive, they will pose a great threat to production safety. In this case, explosion-proof measures need to be taken, but whether they can be explosive is not something one can imagine. Samples need to be collected and sent to laboratories with nationally recognized qualifications for testing.

The determination of dust explosiveness is a general colloquial term, also known as dust explosiveness test. For clients who consult dust explosion testing, some are required by the national safety supervision department to issue reports, and the safety supervision objectives are achieved through the report results; Part of it is that companies want to know if there will be an explosion for their own safety reasons. The result is not based on one's own imagination. Zhongnuo Testing has a mature experimental process and nationally recognized qualifications for issuing reports.

Process for Handling Dust Explosion Test Reports

Firstly, the enterprise needs to provide the name, main components, and sampling address of the dust for preliminary judgment and quotation by Zhongnuo Testing. After the price is determined, the enterprise pays the fee and sends 500g of samples for testing. Generally, it takes about 1-2 weeks to complete the testing and produce a report. The report is issued based on the actual measurement results, and the enterprise carries out subsequent work based on the results.

The standard for dust explosion testing is ISO/IEC 80079-20:2:2016 for explosive gas environments Material characteristics Test method for combustible dust. Common testing instruments include screening devices, spherical dust explosion testers, etc. The moisture content of the sample should not exceed 5%. The testing process is roughly to generate a sustained flame under 4J ignition energy conditions in the dust explosion screening device; Or in the 20L ball dust explosion tester 2 × The explosion pressure measured under 1KJ ignition energy conditions, Pex ≥ (Pigniter 0.3) bar, is the explosion pressure of the Pigniter chemical ignition head. Observe whether an explosion has occurred and issue a report based on the results. The report will take photos and keep sample photos, etc., and the results are true and reliable.

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