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SNI is the abbreviation for Standard National Indonesia, which means the Indonesian National Standard, abbreviated as SNI. It is the only standard applicable in Indonesia, developed by the Indonesian Technical Committee and defined by the Indonesian National Standards Agency.

SNI certification began on September 7, 2007, when the Indonesian Ministry of Industry issued mandatory SNI certification requirements and included a catalog of dozens of products. Up to now, 205 mandatory industrial standards (Standard National Indonesia/SNI) have been released, covering fields such as automotive and motorcycle parts, household appliances, building materials, and cables. Products that have not passed the Standard National Indonesia/SNI certification will be banned from sale, and products that have already entered the market will be forcibly removed from the shelves.

Certification prerequisites
1. Importer to be determined
2. The trademark has been registered in Indonesia
3. The factory has ISO9001 or similar system certification
The above three prerequisites are indispensable because the importer, trademark, and system certificate number are essential information on the SNI certificate, so they must be present before applying for SNI certification.

Certification scope
※ Household electronic and electrical products:
Refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, electric water pump, washing machine
※ Building materials and products:
Steel and similar building materials
※ Motor vehicle materials (accessories and others):
Vehicle hub M, N, O, L categories
Tires and inner tubes for sedans, trucks, buses, light trucks, motorcycles
Motorcycle batteries, motor vehicle brake fluid, brake pads
Four wheeled vehicle battery motorcycle helmet
※ Other products:
Rectifiers for general lighting fixtures

Gas cylinders and their accessories (valves, spark plugs, steel pipes, etc.)

Certification process
1. The application documents and some documents must be fairly translated by the Indonesian Justice Bureau.
2. Submit application documents.
3. SNI institutions accept applications.
4. SNI organization provides feedback on the factory audit date.
5. Factory audit and sampling at the same time. The factory audit may have non conformities, and a rectification report must be submitted within 2 months.
6. Factory courier samples to Indonesian laboratory.
7. Indonesian laboratory testing samples, after passing the test, proactively send the test report to the certification agency.
8. Certification bodies review test reports and factory audit reports.

9. Certificate issuance.

Required documents
※ Application form and application form
※ Manufacturer profile and legal documents (business license, tax registration and organizational structure code certificate)
※ Trademark Registration Legal Certificate (needs to be registered locally in Indonesia)
※ Trademark Authorization Letter (authorized by the Indonesian trademark holder)
※ Sign agency agreement
※ Legal documents of import companies (import registration certificate, business license, tax registration)
※ Copy of ISO 9001 system
※ Product Quality Manual (Indonesian)
※ List of testing equipment and measurement certificate
※ Copy of factory inspection report
※ Production process flowchart

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