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ATEX certification knowledge Q&A

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1、 The meaning represented by ATEX

ATEX stands for "Atmospheres Explosives" in French, meaning "explosive environment". The ATEX directive consists of two EU directives related to equipment used in potentially explosive environments.

(1) ATEX Manufacturer Directive 94/9/EC: primarily applicable to electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturers

(2) ATEX User Directive 1992/92/EC: primarily applicable to users of devices

2、 When did the ATEX instruction start to be adopted?

The ATEX directive was incorporated into the laws of EU member states in March 1996 and has been enforced by ATEX since July 1, 2003. All products placed on the market and put into use for potentially explosive environments must comply with ATEX manufacturer's instructions (excluding products specified in the instructions).
3、 What is the definition of "explosive environment" in ATEX?

According to Directive 94/9/EC, an explosive environment is a mixture of flammable substances

(1) A mixture of combustible substances in the form of gas, vapor, mist, or dust

(2) Mixing with air

(3) Under atmospheric conditions

(4) After ignition occurs in the mixture, combustion spreads to all unburned mixtures.

4、 What does ATEX include?

ATEX includes electrical ignition hazards and mechanical ignition hazards. Potential sources of ignition hazards include sparks, arc temperature, sound energy, light radiation, electromagnetic waves, static electricity, stray currents, overheating caused by friction or impact, vibration, pollution, external influences, etc. The equipment is classified as Class I equipment (mining equipment: M1 and M2) and Class II equipment (non mining equipment: 1, 2, and 3)

(1) Class I equipment: equipment used for underground parts of mines and some equipment used for surface facilities of these mines, which can cause explosion hazards due to biogas or flammable dust

(2) Class II equipment: equipment used in other places where danger can occur due to explosive environments. Divided into:

IIA (propane), IIB (ethylene), IIC (hydrogen), II (all gases)

 5、 Requirements for markings on ATEX equipment

Including: manufacturer's name and address, CE mark and certification number of the responsible product announcement unit (i.e. certification body), ATEX explosion-proof special mark, equipment category and classification, explosive environment type (G gas or D dust), series and type name, manufacturing year and serial number, gas group, temperature level and protection type, ambient temperature, certificate number, other information

 6、 What products are not included in the ATEX directive?

Excluding: household products, medical devices, equipment and protective systems that are completely caused by explosive substances or unstable chemicals, navigation vessels and mobile offshore devices, including personal protective devices in Directive 89/686/EEC, military equipment, and transportation vehicles through air, road, railway, and water networks.
7、 Where can I apply for ATEX certification in China?

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has established stable cooperative relationships with many well-known explosion-proof certification institutions both domestically and internationally. It has a professional engineering team and high-quality services. Manufacturers of explosion-proof electrical equipment in China who need to apply for ATEX certification can apply for relevant certification and testing at Zhongnuo Testing. Compared with directly comparing with foreign institutions, it can save a lot of time and cost.

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