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Content of EU Declaration of Conformity in ATEX Certification

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During the production quality system review process of the EN80079 factory certified by ATEX, the applicant must provide a declaration of conformity when accompanying the goods. The statement includes:

1. Product model/product (product, model, batch number or serial number):

2. Name and address of manufacturer and its authorized representative (if applicable):

3. This declaration of conformity is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer for its publication.

4. Declared object (product identification that allows traceability, including images if necessary):

5. The purpose of the above statement is in line with relevant EU coordinated legislation:

6. Reference to relevant standards or other technical specifications declaring compliance:

7. When applicable, notify the organization... (name, number) to execute... (intervention instructions) and issue a certificate:

8. Additional information:

9. The name, position, signature, issuance location, and date of the signing representative.


Note: The signing representative must be signed by an EU agent. The European Authorized Representative refers to a natural or legal person designated by a manufacturer located outside the European Economic Area (EEA), including the EU and EFTA. The natural person or legal entity may represent a manufacturer outside of EEA to fulfill specific responsibilities required by EU directives and laws for the manufacturer. The EU authorized representative is mainly responsible for providing assistance to product accident reports, notices, recalls, and other issues after product problems occur.


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