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Transformation of the relationship between ATEX, IECEx, and domestic explosion-proof certificates

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At present, the global explosion-proof certification generally includes the ATEX certification of the European Union, which adopts the EN standard; IEC Ex certification by the International Electrotechnical Commission, using IEC standards; UL and FM explosion-proof certification in North America mainly adopts NEC standards. Most of the standards for explosion-proof certificates in China directly reference international IEC standards.

The global trend of explosion-proof measurement standards is consistent with IEC, for example, the current European ATEX and IEC are almost identical; The standard requirements of NEC505 in the United States are also basically consistent with IEC.

At present, the standards for ATEX and IEC Ex explosion-proof certificates in Europe are almost identical, with one main standard being the EN60079 system and the other being the IEC 60079 series. The product has obtained ATEX and is mutually recognized by EU member states, and can be sold in EU countries; Obtaining IEC Ex can theoretically be sold in member countries of the International Electrotechnical Commission. If a country is both a member of the European Union and the International Electrotechnical Commission, it is not necessary to apply for IEC Ex and only apply for ATEX, as ATEX falls under the CE category and is mandatory certification, while IEC Ex is not mandatory certification.

Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore have already accepted the IEC Ex international certification, and products that have obtained the IEC Ex explosion-proof certificate do not need to apply for the country's explosion-proof certification when exporting to these countries.

According to the regulations of the IEC Ex system, member countries that are currently unable to accept IEC Ex certificates due to national differences and other reasons should recognize the Ex inspection reports and factory quality condition inspection reports (QAR) issued by the Ex certification bodies (Ex CB) of other member countries in the IEC Ex system when conducting national Ex certification activities. Only supplementary tests or inspections should be conducted on the differences in the standard, Provide a fast track for manufacturers from other member countries holding IEC Ex certificates to apply for their national and regional certifications.

For example, China is also a member of IEC, but explosion-proof products in China need to apply for China's explosion-proof certificate or coal safety certification, which cannot be replaced by IECEx.

In short, if a country, although a member of IEC, also has its own mandatory explosion-proof certification, it is usually necessary to apply for its own mandatory explosion-proof certification, rather than just using IECEx explosion-proof certification as a substitute. Of course, sometimes the obtained IECEx test report can be used to convert it into a mandatory domestic explosion-proof certification certificate (which may require additional testing items), but it must be confirmed and reviewed by the applying institution.

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