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Interpretation of ATEX Explosion proof Certification Mark

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Often, we encounter products labeled withATEX certification markA knowledgeable person can tell at a glance what area and environment the product is suitable for,A person who doesn't understand the industry won't understand even after reading for a long time. So we How to interpret and understand the certification mark of ATEX.

Below, Zhongnuo Testing will take you to interpret the meaning of the ATEX logo

We often see nameplates below, but what does each letter and number represent?


1. The CE letter represents that the product meets the requirements of CE regulations, as ATEX certification is also a directive in CE certification.

The four digits after CE represent the announcement number registered by the issuing authority on the EU official website, which can be found on the EU official website.

3. The EX in the hexagon represents the symbol of explosion-proof products and is the EU explosion-proof certification mark;

4. II represents the group of equipment, i.e. the usage area of the product, which is divided into "I" and "II". "I" represents equipment used in mining environments, and "II" represents equipment used in non mining gas and dust environments;

5.2 represents the explosive area used by the device, 1 represents Zone 0, 2 represents Zone 1, and 3 represents Zone 2,

6. G represents the gas environment; D represents dust environment

7. Ex is the explosion-proof label;

8. d indicates that the explosion-proof type is explosion-proof;

9. IIC represents hydrogen gas in a gas environment;

10. T4 represents temperature, with a maximum surface temperature of 135 degrees;

11. Gb, indicating the protection level of the device

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