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On August 30-31, 2022, the training certificate for installation, maintenance and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment will begin

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Technical Training Certificate for Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Explosion proof Electrical Equipment The class is starting now
Training period: August 30-31, 2022
Training method: Online training

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The qualification certificate for explosion-proof electrical installation, maintenance and repair is one of the necessary qualifications for companies engaged in the explosion-proof electrical construction industry. As a professional agency for handling explosion-proof electrical installation, maintenance and repair qualification certificates,Zhongnuo TestingWe have obtained corresponding certificates for hundreds of client enterprises in total. Processing at Zhongnuo TestingTraining certificate for explosion-proof electrical installation, maintenance and repair technologyAdopting online training methods, the training and examination standards are based on the GB/T3836 series standards. Regular 1-2 training and examination sessions are arranged every month, and we assist in preparing the necessary materials throughout the process. This can save processing time and costs for our corporate clients. The certificate is authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy!

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