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What is the relationship between explosion-proof certification, explosion-proof qualification certificate, and explosion-proof 3C certification?

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Explosion proof certification: Explosion proof certification is the process of determining that equipment meets the requirements of explosion proof standards, conducting type tests and applicable routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity.

Explosion proof certificate: a document used to determine whether the equipment meets the requirements of standards, type tests, and applicable routine tests. The certificate can be specific to Ex equipment or Ex components.

The full name of 3C certification is China Compulsory Certification, abbreviated as CCC. It is a product implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations to protect the personal and national safety of consumers, strengthen product quality management, and implement in accordance with laws and regulationsProduct qualification evaluation system. Explosion proof 3C certification refers to the 3C certification of explosion-proof products.

From the above concepts, explosion-proof certification is a work and process,Explosion proof certificateIt is the result document after explosion-proof certification. Explosion proof 3C certification is also a certification process, and the final certificate issued is the CCC certificate.

What customers often say they need to doExplosion proof certificationFirstly, we need to confirm what product it is, as this involves obtaining an explosion-proof qualification certificate or an explosion-proof 3C certification.

Explosion proof products are divided into explosion-proof electrical products and non electrical products. The products certified with explosion-proof 3C certification are limited to explosion-proof electrical products and do not involve non electrical products or combination products.

What is the difference between the explosion-proof certificate and the explosion-proof 3C certification?

1. Different product ranges

The explosion-proof certificate and explosion-proof CCC certification are both certification requirements for explosion-proof equipment. Whether to apply for an explosion-proof certificate or explosion-proof CCC certification mainly depends on the product category. Simply put, it depends on whether your product is included in the explosion-proof CCC certification product catalog. Yes, it needs to be madeExplosion proof CCC certification; No, just get an explosion-proof certificate.

2. Different authentication methods

The explosion-proof certificate adopts a type test certification mode, while the explosion-proof CCC certification adopts a combination of type test factory review. Simply put, obtaining an explosion-proof certificate only requires sending samples for testing, and once the test is qualified, the certificate can be issued; Applying for explosion-proof CCC certification not only requires product testing to be qualified, but also requires a production quality system audit (commonly known as factory audit) of the production factory. For applying enterprises, obtaining explosion-proof CCC certification requires a production factory, whether it is a self owned factory or an OEM/ODM factory.

3. Different certification bodies

It is worth noting that some institutions are not only testing laboratories for explosion-proof qualification certificates, but also issuing institutions or laboratories for explosion-proof 3C certification.

4. The product certification standards for explosion-proof qualification certificate and explosion-proof 3C certification are the same, both in accordance with the GB/T3836 series standards.

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