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Bluetooth positioning beacon intrinsic safety and explosion-proof certification third-party agency

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Bluetooth positioningBeacons are usually small Bluetooth wireless transmitters, which are usually powered by batteries and continuously transmit low-power Bluetooth signals. These types of devices are widely used in public places, hazardous chemical sites, mines, and other positioning and transmission models due to their low power consumption and precise positioning. The Bluetooth positioning beacon used in explosive hazardous areas should consider its explosion-proof performance and obtain the corresponding explosion-proof qualification certificate.

Certification standards:

GBT 3836.1-2021 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment

GBT 3836.4-2021 Explosive Atmospheres Part 4_ Equipment protected by intrinsic safety type "i"

Test items:

1. Structural inspection

2. Surface resistance test

3. Spark ignition test

4. Temperature testing

5. Dielectric strength test

6. Battery and battery pack testing

Explosion proof mark for Bluetooth positioning beacon processed by Zhongnuo Testing Cost: Ex ia Ⅱ C T6 Ga

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