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What is explosion-proof certification? What are the classifications of explosion-proof certification?

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| 2021-12-22|Return

Classified by explosion-proof type, it can be divided into intrinsic safety type, explosion-proof type, pouring sealing type, etc;

From the perspective of applicable places, it can be divided into gas explosion-proof certification, dust explosion-proof certification, and mining explosion-proof certification;

In terms of applicable regions, it is divided into domestic explosion-proof certificationATEXCertificationIECExCertification, etc.

The customer mainly informs Zhongnuo Testing about the market, installation and usage location of your product, and we will recommend suitable explosion-proof certification types and modes.

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional agent for explosion-proof certification, familiar with domestic and international explosion-proof certification standards and certification processes. We provide one-stop explosion-proof technology solutions from explosion-proof design, rectification, testing, certification, and renewal. We can also assist customers in preparing drawings, enterprise standards, and manuals to help them quickly obtain certification. For more details, please consult us!

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